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Anyone who has watched the movie Apocalypto must be dreading the idea to read along with this article. But is assure you that this article is nothing as gory or dreadful or even close to what has been shown in the movie. In fact, we will talk here about the fun part of the apocalypse. You must be thinking that the writer must have gone nuts. Why on earth will apocalypse which literally means the end of the earth or the doomsday? Well because the theme has been well utilized by the game makers and has been reproduced as more than one fun apocalypse games that you can play and actually enjoy the doomsday. The apocalypse games are the games that are based on the apocalypse where the players are allowed to play the roles and characters that would save the earth from the Sureshot destruction of the apocalypse. The apocalypse games basically boost the self-esteem of the players who in the virtual life succeed or at least attempts to save the world from destruction.

The BestOnline Apocalypse Video Games

Here are some of the best online apocalypse games which are also available as apocalyptic themed slots that you can try playing in the online casinos.

  1. Fallout 4: the fallout is divided into four series, among which the fourth series is the best that gives a total impression of an apocalypse like situation and the survival story of a man and his dog. This is no wonder among the most favorites of the apocalyptic video games for those who love the theme.

  2. The Last Of Us: this game is a gory game of the same theme which can be called a masterpiece due to its larger than life graphics that take it to the next level. The story takes you through an isolated country whose citizens are mutated by fungus and are hungry for years. Your task would be to save yourselves from the zombies of course.

  3. Gears of War: wars and battles have always led to apocalypse like situations and when the war involves nuclear weapons, it is a sureshot case of end of the world situation as we all have witnessed in the history of human civilization. This game takes us to the grounds of the planet named Sera which shows how humanity itself becomes responsible for the destruction of their own race.

Play for The Best Free Post - Apocalypse Games & Online Slots

There are many slots based on the theme of apocalypse among which the following are the best and are worth giving a try:

  1. Zombies

  2. zombies gone wild

  3. angry angels

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